Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment of Russian Federation

Federal State Institution «Pasvik State Nature Reserve»

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The reserve was set up on July 16, 1992. It is a unique specially protected natural territory. It is located in the extreme north-west of Russia, in Pechenga district Murmnask region. The local nature is very beautiful and history is full of events.

The reserve is in the Paz River valley, on the left bank of the river. The mouth of the river is in Lake Inari, Finland; it flows in the Russian territory and then into the Barents Sea, in Norway. Its midstream is a Russian-Norwegian border. Pasvik Reserve is located there. Its area is 14 687 hectares. It was set with aim of conserving and doing research into the northernmost pine forests in Europe, big wetland sites which are of international importance, fauna of waterfowls and complex monitoring of northern ecosystems.

Reserve's nature is varied and mosaic. It is the area of majestic pines, placers of big boulders and numerous lakes. Very old rocks are on the surface. Low rocks, chain of hills and hollows were shaped by the glacier.

Area's history was an important argument in favour of setting up the reserve. Traces of Stone Age people were found in some places. In old times Saami used to live there. They were engaged in reindeer herding and fishing; they lead a Normand’s life in the valley. Later Russians, Finns and Norwegians lived there. The territory was a part of Archangel Province up to 1918; then it became Finnish and was incorporated into the USSR after WWII.

There are no doubts that there is a need for that specially protected territory. The employees of Pasvik Reserve are consolidated by a common goal to conserve fragile, inimitable in its beauty nature.